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Torquay and the city’s Bell Beach make up one of the surfing capitals of Australia, not just of Victoria, as is evident by the city’s seat as host to the Rip Curl Pro competitions and the founding of both Rip Curl and Quicksilver sports clothing brands. But Torquay is also a prime destination for travellers who aren’t necessarily surf enthusiasts; as the eastern starting point to the Great Ocean Drive, the dramatic meeting of cliffs, sand, and sea in and around Torquay is a real draw for all lovers of natural beauty!

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The Torquay Foreshore Holiday Park is located right along the Torquay Surf Beach just a ten minute walk from city centre. Its location is not to be beat, and it provides you with great access to the most exciting locales of the city. Torquay is located just south of Geelong, 100 km from Melbourne. To travel to Torquay from Melbourne, follow the Bruce Highway (M1) southwest of the city to its junction with Anglesea Road (C134). Parking in the city itself is regulated by time, so double-check signs around your car park to keep from overstaying. To continue along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay, following Geelong Road (B100) southwest out of the city, where it soon becomes the Great Ocean Road itself. To stock up on groceries before you head out on any number of adventures, stop at the Woolworths or Coles along Bristol Road or the IGA on Gilbert Street.

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"Great bunch of people providing awesome customer service. Have been using them over the past couple of years, no trouble. They were very responsive when needed. Highly recommended!"
Max - Jambo
"A bunch of friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended!"
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"My two berth van earns some great income, letting SaC do most of the work!"

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