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Campervan hire in North Island

If the landscape makes the South Island a must-see destination, it’s culture that makes the North Island so very special. The bustling metropolises of Auckland and Wellington boast unique and lively New Zealand spirit, and the substantial population of Maori people on the North Island offer visitors numerous cultural centres, campsites, historical sites, and celebrations from which to learn more about their culture. And these indigenous and settler cultures are, of course, influenced by the diverse and fascinating geothermals that have produced the North Island, from the conical Mount Taranaki in the west, to Rotorua in the centre, to the volcanic coastline and off-shore island of the Bay of Plenty.

And then what? Campervan hire in North Island

We have numerous campervans for hire sprinkled throughout the North Island, though particularly in Auckland and Wellington. After hiring your campervan, begin your travels by overnighting at the Wellington Top 10 Holiday Park before you head north. Follow State Highway 1 to summer sledding opportunities at Tongariro National Park, or stay left at the junction with State Highway 3 in Palmerston North to explore Taranaki, Lonely Planet’s second top region to visit in the world. Follow State Highway 2 north from Wellington to visit the Art Deco architecture and incredible wineries of eastern Hawke’s Bay. If you’re arriving in Auckland, begin by camping at the Auckland North Shore Motels and Holiday Park to explore the city, before you head north along State Highway 1 to discover New Zealand’s fascinating Northland or south to the highway’s junction with State Highway 5 to explore Rotorua or Taupo. Whichever direction you head, you will be overwhelmed by the incredible sights and experiences of the North Island, a place that requires you to visit it by campervan in order to truly delve into all its offerings.

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