Top five road trip games on your travels around NZ

Article Top five road trip games on your travels around NZ

Road trips, especially in a camper, are so much more fun than the average holiday. Travel time between destinations provides the chance for family bonding, quality time and of course, the fun of a road trip game to help pass the time until the next spot on the map pops up on the horizon. So grab a pen, paper or a device to keep track of who wins what with these great road trip suggestions.

Spot the giant icon

New Zealand has some amazing scenery and fun locations – and a great selection of large icons dotted around the countryside. From a giant carrot in Ohakune, to the much larger than life soft drink bottle in Paeroa and every massive fish, sheep, kiwifruit and apple in between, it makes a great game to see who can spot them first. Where do you find the giant fruits? An oversized guitar? A huge paua? Find them for yourself on your travels!

Animal Bingo

With more sheep than people, Aotearoa has plenty of wildlife to spot as the hills pass by. From llamas and alpacas, to sheep, cows, goats and horses. Make a bingo board, or keep it easy and just write a list of the animals to spot. No matter your age, and that of your fellow travellers, bingo is a game that everyone loves – plus whoever wins can choose their prize! How much fun is that.

Famous movie lines

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”… “I’ll be back” … and “You can’t handle the truth” are some of the most renowned movie lines in the history of cinema around of the world – and with a few hours under your belt in your travels, why not see who knows what when it comes to movies. Whether you take turns stating lines from your favourite flicks, or each person takes a moment to state theirs, it becomes a fun competition for everyone to enjoy (and helps the hours tick by easily too!).

Play with the alphabet

Whether you are naming animals, destination names or favourite foods, use the alphabet to have a little fun on your road trip. Taking turns, each participant can name something from the topic in alphabetical order – as an example Mum says apple, Dad says banana and so on. Make it more difficult, and use licence plates from cars passing by, using the first or all of the letters on the plates. The best thing about this game means you can constantly change it up with a change of subject each time!

Name that tune

An oldie but a goodie. Whether you use a device, your Spotify account or even a mixed CD, playing Name That Tune can result in a few good laughs along the way. Set the rules – do you have to name the song and the artist? Must you name the song before the lyrics start or after the first line? This is a great game that you can choose the difficulty, ensuring all the family can play. Put the golden oldie tunes on for older generation, or the latest from the last Disney movie for the kids – either way, this game is one for everyone.

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