Owner Story: Christmas with the Koolens

Article Owner Story: Christmas with the Koolens

With the warm summer months kicking in, the New Year is approaching fast. While on one side of the world they might be celebrating with a white snowy Christmas, down under in New Zealand we do the same thing with our white sandy beaches.

The Koolen family from Whakatane are certainly in on these types of adventures. They love to camp and explore the North Island every summer, and go on a Christmas adventure every year.

Do you do something special over Christmas?

All families have their own little traditions and quirks, and we are no different. A typical Christmas in our family consists of plenty of sunshine, swimming, friends, campfires and sunsets.

We feel a sense of freedom and closeness as a family thanks to our family campervan adventures, and since joining the SHAREaCAMPER community this year we have thoroughly enjoyed watching our campervan leave on adventures around the country with other happy families.

Do you have a favourite place you travel to?

As a family we have been making memories all over New Zealand for a few years now, visiting family and friends all over the country. However far and wide we may go, our favourite spot is only a stone’s throw away from our doorstep.

As soon as the red luscious Pohutakawa flowers start blooming in December each year, we are ready to jump in the van to head to the pristine beaches up north.

What's the best bit about sharing your camper for you?

Since we discovered the wonders of sharing our camper, we have been able to not only meet travellers from all around the world, but have also made $3200 in the short time we have been a part of the SHAREaCAMPER community.    

We absolutely love the concept and we will definitely continue to share our camper with like-minded people.

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