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Article Set Your Eyes on Fox Glacier

Stretching out over 13km of the South Island’s northwestern edge, Fox Glacier is a true marvel and one not to miss on your next New Zealand trip. Perched between Mount Tasman and Mount Cook, this enormous mass of ice which is fed by a total of four alpine glaciers will present to you a pouring wall of frozen cascades, magnificent blue arches and a true sense of awe.

This compilation of wondrous images from Fox Glacier will serve as great preparation for your next adventure.

Feast your eyes on this wonderful, icy world and incite your imagination on its frosty, sharp edges.

Icy, Jagged Fox Glacier

Image Credit: Chalky Lives on Flickr


Cold caves of frozen waves and cloud-like shapes await on Fox Glacier to be your frozen, other-worldly jungle gym.

Explorers in an Icy Cave

Image Credit: anoldent on Flickr  

Track the countless swirls and shapes in beautifully arched tunnel systems--truly some of nature's most beautiful sculptures.

Blue, Swirling Tunnels

Image Credit: lwtt93 on Flickr


But be careful as you tread; beautiful, azure baths of endless, icy water dot the glacier. The cavernous pools can entrance, so tramp carefully with your crampons.

Lustrous, Blue Pools in Ice

Image Credit: Rick Cox on Flickr


Discover the pale blue, amethyst-shaped ice crystals that are so captivating, you'll wish you could take one as a souvenir--if only it wouldn't melt!

Icy, pale blue crystals

Image Credit: karlnorling on Flickr


To get to the middle of a glacier requires some heavy-duty transit--that's why several helicopter companies are available to deliver you to the most scenic areas.

Glacier Heli-Transport

Image Credit: Kieran Lamb on Flickr


These helicopter trips often come with a guided tour where you'll learn about the formation, preservation and all sorts of facts about the glacier.

Marvelous Ice Tunnel with People

Image Credit: anoldent on Flickr


Of course, an image gallery is no replacement for the real thing. The first step is booking your campervan, so start planning your next adventure today!

Tour On Fox Glacier

Image Credit: Flying Kiwi Tours on Flickr


Where are your favorite, other-worldly places in New Zealand? Share your experiences, comments and pictures in the comment section below!

Title Image by NomadicFox Photoon Flickr

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