The perfect campside accompaniments for your New Zealand camper adventure.

Article The perfect campside accompaniments for your New Zealand camper adventure.

Adventures aplenty await in New Zealand for your next camper holiday – and at the end of a fulfilled day, there is nothing better than relaxing over a tasty treat or delicious dinner that you have prepared on the road.

Life in a camper is fun, and cooking even more so. Here are some of our favourite campside accompaniments for you to try out with your next meal.

A supermarket of sorts

Berry farms, farmers markets, roadside stalls, and more! New Zealand has a great number of farmers markets and farm gate suppliers with super fresh produce – making it easy to whip up a tasty dinner with minimal effort. Around the country, you can find fresh, in season produce by simply driving to your destination and picking or collecting straight from the source. You can’t find it fresher than that!

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and boysenberries are easily available from October through until March, while delicious asparagus run from October until January and are the perfect accompaniment to any barbecue whether cooked straight on the grill or finished with a touch of butter. Delish!


Damper – a traditional favourite renowned for its simplicity – flour, salt and milk and you are sorted. Cooked over the flames of a barbie or campfire, and smothered in butter and jam, this dish is super easy and budget friendly.

Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean you can’t modernise it with a few twists. Add chocolate chips and marshmellows for a sweet decadence, or dried fruit and canned apple for a tasty change. There are so many options to try – you are only limited by your imagination. For breakfast, lunch or dinner – damper can be used for any meal or even a quick snack to fill the belly.

The freshest fish

New Zealand is renowned for its amazing fresh fish supplies, with many different fish markets around the countryside – from a wharf in rural Whangarei, to the tiny Oyster Farm shack on the side of the road near Ohope and many locations in between, you can find delicious fresh supplies to create an amazing meal in moments in your camper or on a barbecue. Whether its seasoned with your favourite herbs and spices or just plain, New Zealand’s fish and shellfish is stunning either way.

In the right season, you can find yourself a creamy crayfish, which you can gently cook on the barbecue or poach over a camp oven. A simple, tasty and luscious treat from the ocean. Where is that garlic butter…?


As much as it is an American traditional, they are quickly becoming a kiwi favourite too. What is more decadent than oozing toasted marshmallow, silken melted chocolate and crunchy biscuits combined together in a match made in heaven. What more can be said!

The Kiwi BBQ

The humble barbecue is the answer to the success of every campside recipe. Whether it’s the classic Kiwi sausage decked out in tomato sauce and wrapped in sliced bread, or succulent seafood, poultry or seasonal vegetables, the barbie provides the heating source you need to get it sorted. Use the barbecue as an oven with the use of aluminium foil – wrap your spuds or even your favourite fruit like bananas or apples, and let them bake on the coals or over the gas flames.

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