Owner Story: Celebrating NYE with Dinky and the Johnstones

Article Owner Story: Celebrating NYE with Dinky and the Johnstones

Seeing the SHAREaCAMPER concept growing tremendously over the last couple of months, we love to get to know our community and to share the stories our owners and travellers have to tell.

Owners Debbie and Colin Johnstone have been part of the SHAREaCAMPER community from early days on and since these two are no novices when it comes to camping over the holiday season, they've talked to us about what they are up to over NYE this year:

“The holiday season is certainly a special time of year. While we love to gather with friends and family for Christmas, we also can’t wait to head off the beaten track afterwards to experience something a little more adventurous.”
Colin takes the camper for fishing usually, but for New Year’s they love to head down to Caroline Bay in Timaru.

“We park up the camper there for a couple of nights at a time, while enjoying the local festivities, which include a carnival, fireworks and a free daily variety show, all in the holiday spirit of course! The best part of experiencing the festivities in campervan style, is that it takes finding a park out of the equation and puts you right in the midst of the action!”

For years Debbie and Colin’s getaways consisted of exploring New Zealand’s natural wonders, pitching tents and sitting around camp fires. Although immensely enjoying these vagabond holidays, after many years of roughing it, the happy campers decided it was time to up their game and purchase a camper of their own, “Dinky”.

Fast forward a few years, due to their work obligations, they don’t get to venture out as much as they would like to.

“We love our “Dinky”, but other than a few long weekends away a year we don’t get around to do much camping”.
Being part of the SHAREaCAMPER community has, however, allowed Debbie and Colin to use their camper in a new and innovative way. To ensure that their campervan gets used rather than just sit in the driveway, they safely share it with other travellers, and make money along the way!

Debbie and Colin as camping pros have been over-the-moon about joining the SHAREaCAMPER community.

"The friends we have made along the way and our new income stream have made this a positive experience throughout, and it’s all been a blast!"

Visit the Johnstones and Dinky at

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