How to rent out your campervan without breaking the NZMCA Rules

Article How to rent out your campervan without breaking the NZMCA Rules

If you are thinking about renting out your campervan this year, but you are still on the fence about whether or not it is a good or a safe idea, do not fret as we have a rescue remedy here that is sure to put your mind at ease.

Many of the concerns that campervan owners tend to have, are in regards to their New Zealand Motor Caravan Association membership. The membership as many of you will know, is not transferable, and can only be used by campervan owners who have paid and registered for the membership themselves.

This means that when you rent out your campervan, campers are driving it around with your membership wings in full view, and that is a big no no. What we have developed here at Share a Camper as a practical solution is a special white colored sticker, cut to size, which can perfectly cover your NZMCA membership sticker like a glove.

Our great little cover-up is made with a re-useable adhesive that will not damage your van or your membership wings, and can be easily applied in the matter of a few seconds.


If you are one of those campervan owners whose van is sitting around collecting dust for ten months of the year while you work or escape the colder seasons, now you can safely and confidently make that decision and rest assured that your membership will always be safe.

When you become a Share a Camper Owner you will receive a little goodies bag welcoming you to the Share a Camper community, and within this welcome pack you will find your first cover stickers waiting for you. We provide all new members with six removable cover stickers (3 pairs) that will last for the first three hires. If you are not planning on going away in between hires, then you can leave the stickers on. When you run out, it’s as easy as ABC.

Just head on over to the Share a Camper website and email our support for more free stickers.

For more info on the NZMCA membership you can visit the official website, or go to our support page here for specifics.

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