Funding Your Dreams: How to afford your own camper

Article Funding Your Dreams: How to afford your own camper

“Nothing compares to the sensation you experience when you turn a corner in a campervan and discover a hidden lake nestled beside an untouched forest; or start your day waking up to the rich pinks and reds of a New Zealand sunrise while parked next to a sparkling beach.”

Travelling in a campervan is an unforgettable experience which everyone should be able to share. This is also a dream come true for SHAREaCAMPER Owner Tim and his girlfriend Laura.

Tim, a local from Christchurch, wanted to show the beauty of his home country to his girlfriend Laura, a Canadian local. Their plan was to travel News Zealand for a few months in a campervan.

Norm rent a campervan from locals in New Zealand

They looked at hiring a campervan, but quickly found out that they simply couldn’t afford it. So instead of hiring, they looked into options of buying their own little camper. They came across the concept of SHAREaCAMPER and found it gave them the option to rent out their campervan when they don’t use it. After careful consideration, they soon realised they could now afford their own camper a lot sooner and bought ‘Norm’.

“It [SHAREaCAMPER] wasn’t something we had heard about before.” said Tim. “It has now opened the opportunity for us to start collecting our own precious memories of this beautiful country”.
To make the most of their trips Tim and Laura made sure the first thing they did after buying Norm was to become certified self- contained. “Even if it was a bit difficult installing the tanks, it was definitely worth the experience you get out of it in the end. I think we are going to use it a lot more personally than we thought we would.”

Tim and Laura's advice for booking success on the SHAREaCAMPER website; “Find someone with a good camera who knows how to use it. Try and capture the moment and reflect this also in your camper description. The key is to really sell the dream”.

If you are interested if you could use SHAREaCAMPER to rent out your motorhome or if you would like to book ‘Norm’ go to to find out more.

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