5 Owner tips to market your motorhome for the upcoming season

Article 5 Owner tips to market your motorhome for the upcoming season

Camping is no longer a summer-only activity. The motorhome is now becoming an all-season vehicle. This new-ish trend towards winter camping is really catching on.

It all comes down to the right equipment for the changing conditions during winter.

5 Tips for owners to prepare and market your motorhome for the upcoming season:

#1 - Keep your travellers warm & cosy

There's nothing worse than having the cold prevent you from falling asleep. Be a stand-out host and provide your travellers with some extra blankets, hot water bottles (and a kettle to boil water or even an electric water kettle) or even a heater. Electric blankets could be an extra bonus when the temperatures drop.

#2 - Keep your travellers entertained

Books, magazines, a pack of cards, a colouring book and pens, and board games are great items to have in a motorhome that will benefit your travellers at night or wet-weather camping. If your motorhome comes with a TV, great. If not consider including a portable DVD player and a selection of family friendly movies.

It's definitely not something every motorhome host provides and it will make you stand out from the crowd. So make sure to include it in the description and highlight it your photo gallery.

#3 -Up close and personal with your travellers

First impressions matter! Keep in mind that people can see your profile photo in the listing. Even though travellers only see this as a thumbnail, it is an important feature of your listing and tells your prospective renters a lot about yourself. A good profile photo helps others feel that you're reliable, authentic, and committed to rent out your campervan.

Whether you're a SHAREaCAMPER owner or a traveller, the more complete your profile is, the more reservations you're likely to book, too. Therefore we require all owners to have a profile photo, and we require all travellers to upload a profile photo before making their first booking. Here's a little help to personalise your listing.

#4 - Keep your camper listing updated

Kiss and tell when it comes to your campervan. Update your listing and showcase all the features that make your campervan stand out from the crowd. Indicate all the relevant features that travellers seek when booking for a particular season. Our Guide to Create a Kickass Camper Description will help you.

#5 - Seasonal Demand

Summer is the most ​popular​ time of the year to go away on holidays, no question about it. But, there's also an increased demand over long weekends, during school holidays and around special events like music festivals or sports tournaments.

It's quite common for booking requests to rise and fall throughout the year. Travel trends will vary based on seasons, location and popular travel times. To get the best possible booking rate make sure to adjust your pricing for winter. Need help? Here are a few tips that will guide you through getting the pricing right for your campervan.

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