4 Things To Remember When Sharing Your Campervan

Article 4 Things To Remember When Sharing Your Campervan

Contact your travellers

#1 Contact Your Traveller

Once you received a booking request, get in touch with the traveller before you accept the booking.

This will help you to get a feel for them, and clarify any questions about your vehicle or their trip before you commit to the booking.

This is also a good opportunity to share tips about your vehicle with them as well, if you like.

Pre-Hire Checklist

#2 Pre-Hire Checklist:

This pre-hire checklist was created to help out YOU (our owners) in preparing your vehicle for each hire.

If you can tick the boxes on this list, it means that your vehicle should meet the required standards for the hire. Bear in mind that the travellers can refuse to take the vehicle/ cancel the hire if it is not presented at a reasonable standard / fit for hire.

This also means that bedding and linen (if provided) should be clean, cupboards should be emptied, fuel tank is filled, gas tanks (if provided) are full, etc.

If bedding and linen are provided, sheets and blankets should be used in preference over sleeping bags.

For a full guide, check out our Owner’s Guide to Pre-Trip Preparation.

Handover Report

#3 Handover Report:

Please note: This is essential for both pick up and drop off and for every booking!

A completed handover report ensures that both yourself and the traveller are in agreement at both the start and finish of your hire about the state of the vehicle.

It helps to have copies of these printed out before your hire commences, they are available for download on our website.

In the (rare) instance that there is damage to your vehicle during the hire, both checklists are required before a claim can be submitted.

It also protects you, as the Owner, from having to wear any costs for damage and allows you to keep abreast of the maintenance of your vehicle should anything need to be amended upon return of your vehicle.

A good handover should take around an hour, to ensure the travellers know how the grey water works, what sort of fuel the vehicle takes, how the shower and kitchen facilities work, what cupboards are for what, etc.

You should endeavour to have a thorough check of the interior and exterior of the vehicle so that it meets expectations of both parties.

Create a user manual

#4 Create A Manual For Your Vehicle

A well written user manual will help travellers to use the vehicle properly while on their trip.

As we all know sometimes it is difficult to remember details and with the user manual the travellers always have a referral source available.

That also helps make your experience better as you can sit back while the travellers are on the road, knowing they have all the information needed.

A good manual should contain the following:

  • Copy of the handover report
  • What kind of fuel the vehicle takes
  • How to empty grey water
  • How to empty the toilet
  • How to fill up the fresh water
  • Advise to return the vehicle in the same state as it was found
  • How to work anything inside the camper (TV, radio, kitchen, any quirks with bedding, etc)
  • Additional extras included in the vehicle (e.g. bedding, crockery, DVDs, pillows, etc)
  • Copy of Terms and Conditions (optional)
  • Rules of Using the Camper
  • Places to visit in the camper
For more handy hints for owners, check out our forum here.

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