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What our SHAREaCAMPER community says

"Milly was a great run! We had the trip and Julie was really helpful with tips and how-tos. Would 100% recommend, and will definitely come back to hire out Milly again :)"
Jo - Milly
"This is the perfect sized camper for two people. It’s big inside and has a good seating & sleeping setup with lots of storage. It still easily fits in standard sized parking etc though which is a bonus. The owners are a super friendly and helpful. We accidentally left something behind and he cycled up meet us in town and returned it. I would 100% rent this again."
"Awesome van and the owner is really kind, convenient and helpful. Thank you so much !"
Clément - Roger's Camper
"Awesome owners, they really had everything in the van, we had a great trip around south. The only thing woule be to bring a little portable fan or something as it was very warm🔥"
"We had such a great time with this van. It was in really good new condition, it had everything we needed (could maybe use a mozzy net but other than that it was great!). Super easy to drive. The bed was super comfy - my partner even preferred it to her actual bed at home! The owners were an absolute dream to deal with and made it super easy. We would definitely rent it again."
"Amazing camper with plenty of space, super easy to make into a bed and lovely and warm throughout our trip. Ben & Laurence were great communicators and attentive hosts; a lovely couple to hire from. Thanks again for sharing your amazing van!"
Sophie - Kiss the Frog
"Comfortable camper with all the things you need to have a break away."
Kath and Nick - Silver Sleeper
Kath and Nick
"SHAREaCAMPER suits our situation. They take care of the finance and insurance. Leaving the fun parts, dealing directly with our guests, to us. Doing it alone is not an option, this system works."
"Great bunch of people providing awesome customer service. Have been using them over the past couple of years, no trouble. They were very responsive when needed. Highly recommended!"
Max - Jambo
"A bunch of friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended!"
Zheng - BLUE SKY
"My two berth van earns some great income, letting SaC do most of the work!"

Discover great camper locations

We connect travellers with the whole of New Zealand. From coast to scenic coast, you'll find happy campers and happy campervans. When it comes to planning your next excursion, enjoy the freedom of starting your trip from many possible locations. SHAREaCAMPER has you covered with available campers in all major cities and areas inbetween.

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Rent out your motorhome or caravan and make some money while not using it!

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Learn more about how SHAREaCAMPER works

SHAREaCAMPER is the worldwide specialist for private campervan hire and motorhome rental. We are the first choice for young families, backpackers and individual travellers for the rental of RVs, motorhomes, campervans and caravans in New Zealand. Our great range of privately owned vehicles gives you the most unique way to explore New Zealand. We work to your budget, are highly committed to provide excellent service and give you the best value for money compared with all traditional rental companies.

Private Campervan Hire in New Zealand

The Concept

The Concept

Our online platform connects local camper owners with local and international travellers. This makes caravaning more unique, affordable and connects fellow travellers.

Camper Owners

Camper Owners

Motorhomes, campervans and caravans are typically used only a few weeks a year. Private camper hire to travellers provides an opportunity to make some money when not using the vehicle.



Travellers can rent unique campervans at an affordable price. Hiring campers from local owners is a great new way to travel and explore New Zealand economically and individually.

Reasons why to explore private campervan hire

Individual Rental

Feel like a local when hiring a private campervan or caravan in New Zealand.

Easy Communication

Our messaging system allows you to instantly communicate with the owner.

Liability Reduction

Liability reduction is included in every booking.

Rent a campervan from a local and discover New Zealand like never before!

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A guide to the camper hire rules

Mutual Respect

Sharing is a wonderful thing that brings people together. To ensure trips go smoothly, mutual respect between camper owners and travellers is important. This is why our owners go the extra mile to make travellers feel welcome and travellers treat vehicles as if they were their own.

Fair Pricing

Transactions between travellers and owners are both highly secure and very transparent. Rental prices are determined by the camper owners meaning that the price you pay is fair and often much lower than traditional camper rental companies.

Good Communication

To ensure hires go smoothly good communication between travellers and owners is essential. If you have any questions about your trip, please don't hesitate to contact us or the camper owner at any time.

A brief summary on why SHAREaCAMPER is a great alternative

Unique Vehicles

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all hire vehicles. We connect owners of unique vehicles to the travellers who want to rent them.

Great Prices

Owners set their own prices, and with more and more vehicles available, you get more holiday for your money.

Local Knowledge

Our camper owners are experienced pros and can give valuable travel tips to discover the hidden secrets – just like a local!

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Talk to us and get all the answers you need. We will do our best to answer all your questions, and are looking forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback. Let’s chat!

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